Our main health assessment device is the Limbic Stress Assessment Balance Pro (LSA) Elite by Zyto. This system uses the latest computerized stress assessment technology to quickly and non-invasively provide a plan of action for many imbalances in the body.
Bio-Energetic technology is based on the concept that God created every living thing with a unique electrical frequency that is measurable. Your body is made of atoms which have electrons whizzing about them creating an electromagnetic field. A healthy body typically has a frequency ranging from 62 to 78 Hertz (Hz). In disease the body’s electrical frequency has dropped to 58 Hz or below.
Bio-Energetic technology is a method of evaluating one’s health by taking a series of readings of electrical conductivity on a number of specific points on the palm of the hand. These points are connected energetically to the major organs and systems of the body and, depending upon the readings obtained, the functioning of the various organs can also be assessed.
This approach, which originated in Europe in the early 1950’s, can also be used to detect a wide range of viruses, bacterias, parasites and toxins, as well as help determine the most effective remedies. By monitoring these readings it becomes possible to follow the body’s progress towards improved health naturally.
Homeopathic remedies, vitamins, enzymes, flower essences, nutritional supplementation and other natural remedies are selected on an individual basis according to each person’s current needs.
If you don’t live in close proximity to Bolivar, Missouri….No problem! We can test remotely via the internet using a “virtual clinic” hand cradle. The handset cost is $225 + shipping. Click here to find out more information about remote testing.